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Jonah Michea Judy is a prolific creative.

Their mediums include guitar and bass guitar, vocals, piano, composition, modular synth, parody, audio engineering, tiny house construction, photography, film, and spontaneous musical improv in the kitchen while doing the dishes.

They enjoy queering up cowboy fashion and being emotionally present for mirth and trauma recovery. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Judy was raised bi-regionally between New Mexico and Western North Carolina, and both feel like home.

Recognized at Journeyman status by the 407 carpenters union in New Mexico in 2016, Judy has been building and remodeling homes ranging in size from 64-38,000sqft. since 2003. In 2022, they graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of the Arts in Film Production and Audio Technology.


Their discography includes solo and collaborative releases with musicians across the globe. In 2019 Judy collaborated with Los Angeles producer Andrew Amsden as songwriter and vocalist for the critically acclaimed Hello Clarice EP.   

As an actor, Judy appears playing guitar in Episode 5 of Messiah on Netflix, and can be seen in other major and independent television and film releases. The Jonah Michea Judy youtube channel contains hundreds of videos ranging widely in content and presentation, from the DIY construction project web series Crafts Time Rocks sponsored by the City of Albuquerque, to sporadic live performances in venues ranging from tents theatres.

They go to New Mexico for the green chile, and North Carolina for the Blue Ridge Mountains. They have abundant, collaborative multigenerational community in both.

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